1 City, 3 Champs?

I was thinking, the other day, about a few of LA’s sports teams: The Dodgers, after a slow start, have had a pretty amazing season; the Clippers are looking to improve on their division champs performance from last year with some valuable new additions, and the Kings have had a few consecutive strong seasons already. And I said to myself, “Hmm, has any city ever had three professional sports teams in three different major sports win their respective championships in the same year?”

So I looked it up.

As it turns out, only a handful of cities (LA among them) have ever managed two championships in major sports in the same season, much less three. The only city to previously win three championships in different major sports in the same season is Boston: In 1935, the Lions (NFL), Red Wings (NHL) and Tigers (MLB) pulled off this herculean feat. Also, props (and consolation) to Philadelphia, who sent four teams (Phillies, Eagles, 76ers, and Flyers) to all four major sports championships in 1980… but lost 3 of them.

It is worth noting that Los Angeles did, more or less, win four championships in 2002. However, with the WNBA and MLS not recognized as “major” sports, that puts the Sparks and Galaxy wins on a different list. (Also, while we’re putting caveats on it, another of those four teams, the Angels (MLB) are technically in Anaheim. So you’ve got to expand to “greater LA area” to claim that win, despite what the team may call themselves.) Still, considering the current absence of an NFL team in LA, that is a pretty dominant display across all sports.

So, back to my original thought. If Los Angeles could manage to win the MLB, NBA, and NHL championships this year, they’d be only the second city in history to pull it off. I’m not saying for certain it will happen; the NBA, in particular, is loaded with great teams who won’t make things easy for the Clippers. Still, it’s interesting to think about…


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