You’re still here? It’s over. Go home.

Ah, yes, the obligatory awkward first blog post. Who am I? Why did I bother to make a blog, years after the blogging boom faded out? And, more importantly, who should care enough to be reading this?

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised that you are reading it. And yet here you are, so I suppose I may as well answer the questions.

I’m just a person who observes things and then thinks about them, and occasionally feels like making those thoughts public. Unfortunately for cool people who like life to be neat and organized, the topics I think about are not necessarily subjects that typically appear together. Stuff like human behavior, film, sports, soda, parenting, music, video games, and advertising. Oh, great, you’re probably thinking. Another vanity blog with no consistent theme. Yeah, maybe. And yet here you are, so… yeah. Hashtag-GOTCHA, I guess.


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